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First name Alex, last name Cat

Many of you have read my tales about Alex on my Facebook page. For those that have not, Alex is a cat that, much to the chagrin of my cat, Gizmo, decided to make my home, his home.

This blog consists of the posts from my Facebook page. If you didn't catch the saga from the beginning, well, here you go!

I have a doogie door that goes out to a fenced in area on the side of my house. After my dogs passed away, I kept the door because my cat, Gizmo, was used to going in and out. Through the years I have had many different strays come in for a free meal and a soft, warm place to rest. These visitors rarely hung around long because Gizmo let it be known that it was his house. Then came Alex.

1.5.19 Friendly, healthy male cat has discovered my doggie door. Does anyone know who he belongs to? Nashville, Illinois.


Intruder kitty is certainly taking liberties! But glad he is warm even though my Giz is angry. 😾

1.12 - later that day

Update on The Cat. His name is Alex and when he’s not sleeping in my recliner or on my kitchen table he lives about a block and a half away... His owner came and got him. UPDATE – same evening - He’s back. Attempted to lock him out but after 20 minutes of listening to him knock on my door, I let him in. He’s resting on his throne. (aka kitchen table)

The 'stray' cat knocking on my door! For those who haven't been following along with my cat saga I did find his owners. he lives about two blocks away but seems to prefer to come here and sleep on my kitchen table. I closed the doggie door as he was starting to pick fights with my Gizmo and this is what I have to endure until I give in and let him in. 🙀#suckerForStrays

Morse code, perhaps?

1.14 S Sleeping soundly. Gizmo sleeps upstairs with me

1.15 the 'stray' keeping an eye on Chubby the squirrel

Gizmo at the doggy door keeping an eye on The Stray who is keeping an eye on Chubby the squirrel 😀😂

1.15 Chubs

I had quite a few cardinals and blue jays at my feeders so I put out extra sunflower 🌻 seeds for them

and plenty of corn 🌽 to hopefully satisfy the family of squirrels that live in my tree. Those that have followed my story know them as Chubs, Chubby, and Chubette. You may recall my story about Chubs sitting in the tree in my front yard at just the right angle to watch me at the kitchen table, then when he had my attention he would jump down and bang into my door to let me know the feeders were empty. Well, as you know, the message is out.... Free food at Middleton’s, and I had no less than 8 squirrels devouring the feast I supplied. Apparently, the food is now in all of their oversized tummies because a squirrel just pulled a Wiley E. Coyote move and flung himself - arms spread- onto my front door then slowly slid down to the stoop. Guess we are out of food. He needs to learn to tap like the stray instead of crash......


ok, friends, This will probably be my last post about THE CAT. Yesterday I shut the doggie door and fixed Giz up with a litter box because THE CAT had sprayed in my house... He 'knocked' incessantly at my door for sometime, but finally gave up, I assume, to go to his REAL home, Not the case, Around 8:30 last night there was a human knock on my door. A teenage boy was there. I opened the door, and he asked if Alex was here. I replied, I'm sorry, there is no one here by that name, what is his last name? He replied, CAT. 😂I had forgotten THE CAT'S name was Alex. He didn't look like an Alex.....


He may or may not have spent the night inside last night..... 🤫 Gizmo is hiding out in his cubby on my desk because someone is playing with all his toys in the other room


I may have just let someone in the house. A very cold and dirty someone who I just gave a warm washcloth rubdown. He was very patient. he spent most of the day on my deck and scratching on my door. I actually put a blanket outside for him and covered him up this afternoon. His real family is not responding to my requests to come get him, and I just don't have the heart to let him stay outside in the cold even though he can walk the two blocks home! My giz is very very angry! Cats! 😸.


Alex update! I finally secured a valid phone number for Alex’s family. I contacted them a few times during the cold snap and they came and got him.(including last night) I just got home from the grocery store, and Alex was napping on the deck. He scooted in the house as I entered with my arms full of groceries. He went straight for the food (keep in mind he is definitely not underfed). I opened the doggie door so he could leave once he ate. But no, he ate- then went to the basement and used the litter box. Do I look like a 7-11? Apparently....


Here we go again. Alex. I promised myself he would never be allowed in the house again. Just now, As I started to type he jumped up on the couch behind me and started giving me a gentle neck massage. See pic. aghhh what am I going to do! I feel that if I continue to ignore him he will stay at his true home. Well, guess we will be starting over again with the ignoring. I have managed to keep him out for 2 days prior to tonight. He spends an inordinate amount of time scratching on both of my doors. He also has learned just where to sit on the deck so he can see me at the kitchen sink. Which is why my dishes haven’t been done in a Timely manner..... I can’t stand his amber eyes pleading with me. Which brings me to this evening. Giz was very insistent on being let out. His continuous meowing got the best of me, so I let him out. That in itself is a story. When I open the wooden door, giz gets down low to look under the screen door for 4 orange feet. Once he gives the okay I open the screen, he spends several minutes peering around the door and yard, if Alex has not been spotted he slowly ventures out. If there is a noise, or any movement he darts back in. See, we really do have an Alex issue. Alexitius... back to why Alex is giving me a massage as I type. I was in the kitchen putzing around and a movement out the front windows caught my eye. I have indoor shutters covering the bottom half of the windows, the top half is uncovered. Guess who was perched in my maple tree and moving limb to limb so he could watch me in the kitchen. Alex. I opened the door and he was in as fast as a lightening bolt. He ate, and played with the toys, being sure to rub his scent all over them. I closed all the doors so he is confined to living room and kitchen. He went door to door trying to open them, no luck, so he went to the kitchen cabinet and stuck his paw in the side, opening it and checking out my Tupperware. If you read this far, obviously the saga continues. I must go now, as the methodical purring and gentle caressing is putting me to sleep. Maybe it’s Gz that needs a new home. Kidding. Sort of.

2.9.19 For those following the Alex saga, I haven't updated lately because I am trying to ignore him. Tonight, I couldn't ignore him, so I let him in and wrote a poem about him. LOL😂😁

Ode to Alex

Alex, oh Alex, oh what can I say

You knock on my door, both night and day.

You’re sweet and loving to me, you are,

But to my Giz, you left a scar.

You have a home that’s loving and warm,

They treat you well, give shelter from a storm.

You come here to play, to snuggle and purr,

But this isn’t your home, no it isn’t kind sir.

Your ninja moves, so stealth and calm,

Some times you belie that you are a Tom.

I must admit, you’re nicer than Giz,

Except for the time on the wall you did whiz.

Which is why you must go, as sweet as you are,

To your home down the street – it isn’t that far.

They come here to get you each evening at nine,

They want you home; You are not mine!

So please stop begging at my door each day,

I find it so hard to turn you away.

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