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When you hear the word, depends, what is the first thought that comes to your mind? Ok, I’m going to be honest here…. I think of adult diapers. Like the joke, “What do old ladies smell like?” Depends…. Ba da bing!

I recently hit the big 6-0. Do I wear depends? No. Should I? That depends. Am I going to sneeze? Laugh? Be Startled? Move?

For now, like many of you, I am content with pads. ALWAYS. Unless of course, I am leaving the house.

Speaking of leaving the house - It depends if I can convince myself to put on a bra.

You know, those over-the-shoulder-boulder holders.

Unlike my character, THE RED BRA, I do not delight in having my assets attached to a man-made contraption. I am like the character, Julia, in chapter three who not only doesn’t want a bra but isn’t even sure she wants boobs!

Don’t ever want to wear one! RB mimicked Julia’s response to owning a bra. Oh my, so much these young ladies need to learn! If only they knew of all the options out there! Why, there are cotton bras, satin bras, sport bras, underwire bras, padded bras, water bras, push-up bras, wonder bras, shelf bras, nipple-less bras… Oh my, did I just say that? RB smirked, recalling some of her sister bras. Training bras! That’s what these young ladies need. At their age, it’s not about the support; it’s about modesty, fitting in, and being confident so they can grow up to be proud of their bodies!

You know, RB, aka THE RED BRA, just made me realize something! Life has come full circle! At 60, I need a training bra! A gentle bra that will train my breasts to be uplifting. But will I leave the house in search of this elusive bra?


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Don't make me laugh....I might need a depends.


You rock💙💙😘


So very true!! 😂😂😂. I really DEPEND on you for a good laugh!!

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