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Jenny Middleton

Jenny Middleton taught English and science to middle school students for over two decades. She is the recipient of several teaching awards, including the prestigious Milken Educator Award. She enjoys traveling throughout the United States in her motorhome and is inspired by the beauty of nature.

The history behind THE RED BRA

My girlfriend, Cindy, and I went to The Four Seasons hotel for New Year's Eve several years ago. This is an upscale hotel, and I was not accustomed to staying in places like this. My friend was aware of this, and she was excited to take me there.  She told me we would be using valet parking. This is something else I wasn't familiar with doing. She drove under the portico and stopped. For those that have stayed at fancy places like this, you know the drill. I did not. 


A little back story.  Cindy and I had been friends for over thirty years. We each had two sons, and our first sons were born one day apart. There were years we spent a lot of time together and years we rarely saw each other. I think most can relate to how life sometimes gets in the way of spending time with friends. Work, children, spouses, and obligations fill most days.


Time marches on. Our children were grown, and we both were delighted to have grandchildren. 


Sadly, Cindy's husband passed from cancer which is why I was attending New Year's Eve with her. We had gone shopping together, and I bought a sparkly red blouse and a red bra.  This was very out of character for me.  I usually wore less colorful clothes.  When I got home, I hung the red bra over the clothes hanger with my new blouse because I was afraid I might forget it.


Back to the Four Seasons. My blouse (and bra) were in the back of the vehicle. The porter opened the back of the SUV and picked it up and hung it on the hotel luggage cart. It was quite windy, and my bra started to flap in the breeze.  Cindy was by the front of the car, and I ran to the back to grab my blouse and bra. I was very embarrassed. Cindy, not seeing my flapping bra, kept saying it's okay, Jenny, that's their job. They'll take our things to the room. Not wanting to draw too much attention to my flapping bra, I pointed and ran towards it.  I immediately took it down and told the porter thank you, but I would carry it.  Once I explained to Cindy what was going on we had a good laugh. On our way home the next day I began talking about what would happen if the red bra really did escape. If you have read my book, THE RED BRA, you know. 

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Rest in Peace Cindy 



Thank you for believing in my abilities as a writer.

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Author, Jenny Middleton, donating a book to librarian, Kelsey Schaepperkoetter, in memory of Cindy Barr.
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