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Follow the uplifting journey of a bra released. Her humorous comments as she follows women through the stages of bras will leave you laughing. Her insight into what women endure from their first to their last bra will entertain and perhaps enlighten you as follow the Red Bra's journey.

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Jenny Middleton tells a story that is both hilariously funny and at times heartbreaking. She examines the struggles that many women endure during their lives in a voice that is both witty and raw. The sassy, snarky commentary of RB as she drifts in and out of the story's tableaus is an amusing addition. The reader anxiously awaits hearing her reflections on the scenes as they unfold.

Written for the early reader, Who Is Big sees the world through the eyes of an ant who happily proclaims to be the biggest of all creatures.   Readers delight in predicting what creature will appear next as they rhyme their way through the various animals.  The changes in the ant’s state of mind open communication about happiness.  Additional facts comparing and contrasting the various species foster discussion between the beginning and advanced reader. 

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